30 minutes to 1 hour

Starting at $30

A quick vacuum and wipe will help keep your vehicle fresh and clean. Dirt and dust can build up fast in a car’s interior with our busy lives. If you need a quick touch up in between full services this is the perfect solution.

As with all of our services, a vacuum and wipe requires an appointment. Drop-ins generally will not be accommodated.

Here is what our vacuum and wipe includes:

-All visible interior surfaces vacuumed – floor boards, seats, truck, cargo

-All visible interior surfaces dusted and wiped down including windows


Nothing is removed other than the floor mats. This is a simple vacuum, dusting and wipe down of visible surfaces. This service is not intended to scrub or clean and surfaces that have severe soiling – such as mud or grease. This interior service does not include a complimentary exterior hand wash.