Tesla 3

This Tesla 3 came to Neospektiv with roughly 2000 miles on it. We love getting low mileage cars, because it allows us to protect the paint early on to give it the best protection possible. Even at 2000 miles there was a considerable amount of scratches on the hood, front bumper and rear deck lid. There was also a fair amount of starbursts throughout the paint. The owner wanted us to get it looking good on his budget.

The following was done on this Tesla.

  1. Exterior wash/Iron x
  2. Interior Vacuum
  3. Clay bar
  4. 2 stage paint correction hood, rear deck, front bumper
  5. 1 stage paint correction everywhere else
  6. Wheels removed and polished
  7. Ceramic Wheel and Caliper applied to wheel face and barrels
  8. Ceramic Pro 9H Applied to wheel caps
  9. Ceramic Pro 9H Applied to paint
    1. 2 coats hood, front bumper and rear deck lid
    2. 1 coat everywhere else
  10. Ceramic Pro Light applied to paint
  11. Ceramic Pro Rain applied to windows
  12. Final wipe down with P&S Beadmaker