Nissan GTR

This Nissan came in for paint correction and Ceramic Pro’s 9H coating. This car is a daily driver and is typical of what you see on a car with 70k+ miles. When it arrived it had its fair share of scratches and swirls. The paint was also dull and when you rubbed your hand across the hood it felt more like sandpaper than smooth paint.

With every customer we have to take into consideration time and budget. We could have easily spent 35 to 50 hours polishing this GTR to perfection and even then there would still be deep scratches, rock chips and door dings we cannot make go away. Instead we got out 95% of the scratches and made the paint come back to life with a shiny gloss.

The customer got what they wanted – a car that feels brand new again, at a price that worked with their budget and schedule. Compared to what the car looked like when it came in, it looks AMAZING now.

We encourage you to get your vehicle paint corrected and coated with Ceramic Pro sooner than later. The sooner we can get a car’s paint on point and protected the more money you can save in the long run. This will eliminate the need for extensive paint correction down the road as the Ceramic Pro will help protect the paint.