1 Day

Starting at $200

This is your basic entry level interior clean. It is more thorough than a quick wipe and vacuum, but does not have the depth of a heavy clean like our Gold and Platinum Interior Cleans.

As with all of our services, a vacuum and wipe requires an appointment. Drop-ins generally will not be accommodated.

Here is what our vacuum and wipe includes:

-All visible interior surfaces vacuumed – floor boards, seats, truck, cargo

-All interior surfaces cleaned and prepped including headliner and vinyl/plastic surfaces

-Windows cleaned and wiped

-Carpets/Upholstery are spot treated and scrubbed

-Leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned with entry level products

-No oily/shiny residues left behind. Your vehicle will feel like it is fresh from the dealership.


Nothing is removed other than the floor mats. This is a simple detail does not include steam cleaning or premium leather conditioning products.