Neospektiv Auto Spa actually got its start by accident back in 2014. At the time our founder was not even thinking about detailing cars. In high school, he was very interested in automotives and even valeted for several years during college. He is extremely passionate about great cars and attention to detail, but shortly after college he moved into the construction industry, started a family and the majority of his time was spent focusing on the countertop and luxury home building companies he founded.

He has always always had a keen eye for details. It was this attention to detail that allowed him to build some of the finest luxury homes in Dallas, Texas. Customers came to trust our founder and 2g Habitats with often times their single or second largest investment (most customers owned companies making the home the 2nd largest investment). When people are spending millions on their residence they expect the best quality, brands and customer experience. Many of these luxury home clients also had luxury autos ranging from Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s to Bentley’s and Land Rovers.

One day a luxury home client stopped by the solid surface shop to discuss the possibilities of fabricating a massive 12′ x 12′ custom solid surface shower pan. Given the shower in this home was bigger than most home’s bedrooms, and it was going to have a steam unit, it was decided that solid surface was not the best material to go with in this application due to expansion and contraction and the number of seams in a 144 square foot shower floor.

However, while standing outside the shop brainstorming with the fabrication team, somehow the discussion shifted to the one of the customer’s friend’s dark green Range Rover that had visible scratches and swirls. The customer’s friend was so impressed with the high gloss, mirror-like finishes that were being applied to a black commercial project at the time he somewhat jokingly inquired if we could make his Rover’s paint look like that again.

That “thinking out loud” comment became a challenge that the team took on and is what eventually lead to the creation of Neospektiv Auto Spa.

As it turns out, the 10,000’s of hours of sanding and polishing experience gained at the solid surface shop prepares one to do incredible paint correction work. In fact, every single detailer whom wants to work for Neospektiv must first prove themselves in the solid surface shop being able to create absolutely swirl free, mirror-like finishes on black solid surface before they are ever allowed to touch a car.

Neospektiv combines the relentless attention to detail and customer experience needed when building multi-million dollar homes with the experience and craftsmanship that is needed to deliver perfect finishes in the countertop shop. Together this dedication and skill create a world class auto detail company!

While Neospektiv was for many years just a specialty service reserved for our luxury home clients, in 2016, our founder eventually decided to start building a real company around auto detailing where we could continue on with our founder’s commitment to “making life better” for passionate auto enthusiasts.