We thank you for choosing Neospektiv Auto Spa and becoming part of our family. We strive to maintain world-class customer service, offer realistic solutions, realistic expectations and deliver superior results.

Our services are for auto detailing and will only perform services pursuant to our capabilities as detailers. We are not a paint and body shop, upholstery shop, or audio technicians. Sometimes there will be pre-existing issues with your paint/clearcoat, trim, windows, mirrors and interior that are beyond our capabilities as a detail shop. When these exist, we will refer you to the proper resources.

We perform a walk-around of your vehicle prior to service and consult with you about what service we feel will benefit your needs and budget. We will also fill out a checklist documenting any pre-existing damage that is visible before and after washing your vehicle. Dirt and grime can have flaws and damage and we discover these issues after we wash and clay bar. We also take before and after photos and video of your vehicle to help train our staff and to protect us against any liability of damage incurred after the vehicle has left our shop.

These pictures are also a great way to advertise our business and with your permission we will post on our social media, website and advertisements.

Certain defects such as paint checkering, clearcoat failure, deep scratches and swirls, heavy oxidation, water etching, bug and bird dropping etching, water spots, etc…. will become more evident after we detail our vehicle as they are no longer obscured by dirt and grim. Sometimes these defects can be minimized but not completely removed.

We have an exhaustive checklist and quality control program in place to ensure we have performed our work to the highest standards in our industry. We ask that any concerns be brought to our attention so we can make sure we fix these concerns in a realistic and timely manner. You will have 3 days after we finish your vehicle or we will determine that our work is complete.

We will only perform the service agreed upon and any additional services will incur and additional charge.

When we do paint correction and ceramic coatings we will buff and polish your vehicle to maximize shine and depth. Not all scratches and swirls will come out, but we try and get your paint between 75% and 90% corrected. We ask that you understand 100% perfection is not realistically possible. We will consult with you before service is performed to determine the best possible solution.

Remove Personal Items:

Please remove all personal items prior to your appointment. Although we will take the utmost care with anything left inside your vehicle, we cannot be held responsible for any personal items left behind.

Please Remove all guns and weapons from the vehicle prior to leaving.

Vehicle Owner Removes Child Seats:

For liability reasons, we cannot remove child seats.


Payment is expected upon completion of work unless other arrangements are agreed to in writing ahead of time.

By signing below, you give Neospektiv Auto Spa permission to perform work on your vehicle according to the package you accepted and acknowledge that you have read both pages of this agreement and you acknowledge that you understand this customer agreement.

You will be emailed a copy of this agreement.