Recently our Instagram image below has been reposted on several influential boards in the detailing community. We love to see this happen. If you have spent any time with our founder, you know he loves sharing and learning and he is a huge believer that a rising tide raises all ships.

Rupes Polishers at Neospektiv Auto Spa

To answer some of the questions and comments that have come from the reposts on @detailingworldofficial and @detailersunite we wanted to put up this post.

Question 1) What polishers are in the image?

From left to right: (Click on name to see Amazon Link)

Rupes LHR 21 Mark II Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher
Rupes LHR 15 Mark II Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher
Rupes Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology Long Neck Kit
Rupes Bigfoot 12mm throw / 100mm polishing pad

Question 2) Aren’t those coarse pads for softer Porsche paint?

Perhaps. We do not use Rupes pads or polish that often. The majority of the time our team uses Americana Global pads with Menzerna or Jescar polishes. We do use the grey Rupes pads with the UHS polish fairly often though too. 

Our founder is really big on marketing and details – most of this stems from his homebuilding company building multi-million dollar homes in Dallas or the Fortune 500 and Global 50 companies he has consulted with. What the customer sees and does not see is very important to him.

To us (as detailers) we see the blue pads and think….. What? To the average person they just get their attention caught by the pops of color in the photo. The average person has no idea what the colors mean. The blue and yellow in the photo add visual stimuli. Grey or black pads would not have had the same visual interest.

As for marketing, this image was shot using both a Porsche and an Explorer in the background. Depending on the demographic we are targeting determines which vehicle goes in the marketing collateral.

3) Aren’t those pads getting contaminated being face down?

Yes they are! Very good observation. You never want to put your pad down on some foreign surface and then start polishing the paint on a vehicle. Whatever grit was on the foreign surface is now on the pad and ready to make swirl designs in your client’s paint.

Again this was for marketing. A bunch of polishers on their back does not make for nearly as aesthetically appealing image for consumers. 

4) Do you like Flex, Makita, Buff Daddy or Griot’s?

Absolutely. For our detail shop we just heard great things about Rupes and went with them right out of the gate. Rupes was presented to us as the leader in the auto detailing arena and that is what we went with.

That being said our founder also owns a countertop company and while most of their polishing is done in the shop by Alpha air polishers the guys in the field have used and abused Flex and Makita polishers for years. There are several great brands to choose from for all budgets.

Also it should be pointed out that our founder goes all in on whatever he does. All of his companies are focused on the luxury segments and he does not cut corners. We are to use top of the line tools, look professional, stay educated, and pay attention to the details. Everything is to be cleaned and organized all the time! He is obsessive about this. 

We are a very small boutique detailing studio in Dallas, Texas. While we take great pride in our work, we know we still have much to learn and we love seeing what our fellow detailers are doing across the nation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

December 17, 2018