Lately we have been seeing more and more cards with paint etching caused by bird poop. Bird poop is highly acidic and can quickly damage your car’s paint if it is not removed.

The first step to preventing paint damage from bird poop is to try and park in a covered location. If you cannot do that, avoid parking under trees (communal bird toilets) or areas that might have a great spot for birds to sit for a minute and do their business – like light poles.

If you do notice bird poop on your car we encourage you to remove it as soon as possible. The longer it sits the greater the chance of paint etching.

The best way to remove it is with soapy water. We recommend a ph nuetral soap specifically for washing your car. Do not use heavy dishwashing soaps as they may strip protective waxes and sealants that are on your car.

If you do not have car wash soap warm water will work. Soak the bird dropping with water first to loosen it up. Then wipe it off gently with a wet microfiber towel. 

Once the rogue dropping is removed dry the area well with another microfiber cloth so you don’t get any etching or spotting from potentially hard water.

Sooner or later your car is going to be a victim of a fly by. You never know when it will happen, just that it will. Odds are it will be in the middle of nowhere and you won’t be prepared. We suggest keeping a couple microfiber towels in your trunk with a few extra bottles of water. 

This will ensure you are ready for not just bird droppings, but also be greatly appreciated should you ever get stranded in the Dallas, Texas heat.

Another way to prevent the risk of etching is to have your car protected with Ceramic Pro 9H. This nanoceramic layer provides protection for your car’s clear coat reducing the chances of extensive damage.

If you do get etching, there is a good chance it can be polished out depending on how extensive the damage is.

December 18, 2018