We get asked a lot “Will this be perfect?” when we get done detailing.

A lot of that depends on budget of the owner and the condition of the car. This Nissan GTR we just finished is a great example. This car is a daily driver with 70k miles on it.

While it is still an amazing super car, it definitely carries with it the memories of some fun evenings in the form of normal wear and tear – door dings, rock chips, scratches, etc.

While we would love to get a car back to its original glory there are some damages we cannot fix (other than repainting) like deep scratches, rock chips, and deep scuffs and scrapes.

The other constraints are time and budget. We could have easily spent 40-50 hours just paint correcting this GTR. The GTR’s have a special clear coat called scratch shield that helps keep small scratches out, but can also make it a bear to polish scratches out once they are in the paint.

In the case of the GTR, we got it back looking as good as possible given time and budget. Is it perfect? No. However, compared to the condition we received the car in, it looks AMAZING now.

At Neospektiv we like to educate our customers and set proper expectations. Perfection costs time and money, how perfect do you want to be?

We highly encourage you to get your new car ceramic coated and protected with a film like Expel as soon as you can after you get it. This will help prevent damage that could cost a lot more to repair later.

And while we love getting in exotic cars that are pristine and immaculate, fresh from the garage, cars like this GTR, while not perfect, make us happy as it is the reflection of an owner living a life well lived.

May 17, 2018

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