One thing we get asked quite often is, “Does my new car need paint correction?”

The truth is many new cars that we see still have some swirling and paint blemishes. Whether it is from sitting out on the lot or from protective wrapping applied to stay safe during shipping, these imperfections can be removed with proper paint correction making your car “better than new.”

One big advantage of getting the car when it is brand new is we can make sure it is perfect and then use quartz coatings to preserve your paint finish before the environment can really get to it.

By correcting and protecting your paint immediately your vehicle will require much less effort to keep in pristine condition. Instead of etching into the clear coat environmental contaminants will sit on top of the quartz coating.

Dallas, TX experiences a wide range of weather from hot and humid summers to icy cold winters and everything in between. To keep your paint in pristine condition, the sooner you can protect your paint the better.

We love working with new cars. Not only will your vehicle get the best protection available, but it will have that show car shine for years to come!

March 12, 2018

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