Have you ever noticed how black your rims get?

Your vehicles wheels are exposed to more elements than almost any other part of your car. Mud, tar, dust, water, acids, rain, brake dust, paints and more come in contact with your wheels on a regular basis. These elements can make your stunning rims look worn and weathered in no time.

Custom wheels, like the ADV1 R8 rims shown above, are a significant investment and it is important to keep them in great condition. If regular maintenance is not performed, eventually particles like brake dust and acids from the atmosphere will sit and etch into the surface potentially causing irreparable damage.

Brake dust is a huge culprit in making your rims a dirty black. If it is not cleaned off regularly, brake dust will cling to your rims creating an unsightly appearance and potentially damaging them over time. The constant stop and go traffic in Dallas, TX can create a ton of brake dust on your wheels eventually damaging the finish over time.

We encourage you to take the extra time to give your wheels the attention they deserve whether you are doing it yourself or having your car serviced by an auto detailer in Dallas, Texas.

November 23, 2017